Together We Stand

In the midst of the destructive and death dealing forces,
CHETHANA Represents people’s Resolve to Sustain and promote Life

“We invite all those who are concerned about global realities of poverty and hunger to join hands with us.”

Chethana began as a fellowship of social action groups and community- based people’s Organizations Supported by Presbyterian Hunger Program (PHP)- USA. These partner groups and community who had met every year from since 1996 and evolved themselves in to a Network in 1999 to address the common issues by developing its own Strategic program along with Core Programs.

Who We Are

Celebrating Life With Dignity in A Network of Relationship

Who We Are

Enabling & Enhancing the potential of the Marginalized (Dalits, Women, Artisans, Adivasis, Small and Marginal Farmers, and minorities) to Challenge & resist homogenization of cultures &systems, to reclaim their rights- political, social economic and cultural, to take control of their lives as individuals & communities, and to evolve an alternative paradigm of life and Governance in society.

Who We Are

Theme: “Believe in Each Other”

Land is not merely a source of livelihood but it should be recognized as the matrix in which life is sustained.

Hence, the culture represented by “Agri-culture”, of diversity, relationship and mutuality must be lifted up as one that re-produces, sustains and enhances life on this earth.

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