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AIMSS is a voluntary organization registered in 1989 under the Indian Societies Registration Act of 1860. AIMSS works in 32 villages among smallholder farmers and industrial workers to address issues of land degradation, groundwater depletion, unemployment, exploitation and violence against women. AIMSS joined Chethana in 1999.

Mr. Mahendran

Address: AIMSS, 118,Golden Nagar, Annavasal – 622 101, Pudukkottai (Dist), Tamilnadu, India
Tel: +91 4339-225722 / 231256

BIRDS is a non-governmental organization registered in 1991 under the Indian Societies Registration Act of 1860. BIRDS began grassroots level work in Midthur and Ruthravaram Mandal. Major constituencies are dalits, tribals, and smallholder and landless farmers. BIRDS addresses issues of hunger, untouchability, migration, land rights, rights of women and children, sustainable agriculture and groundwater depletion. BIRDS joined Chethana in 1997. Since 2003 BIRDS has served as financial custodian for Chethana. for more

VIKASA was founded 30 years ago by a Gandhian in letter and spirit Sri Parimi Viswanadham. Its Administrative office is located in Visakhapatnam. 

The core of activities of VIKASA revolve around the Natural Resources Management with a special focus to Agriculture and Horticulture. As majority of rural folk depend on agriculture, VIKASA is keen in promoting the Natural resources Management based livelihoods, promoting organic agriculture to handover a healthy and sustainable future to the coming generations, women empowerment through financial inclusion by setting up of Mutually Aided Cooperative Thrift Societies (MACTS) etc. for more 

MIG 33, Simhapuri Layout, Vepagunta, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India, 530047        +91 - 9866118877

Gram Vikas Samstha is a Non-Governmental Development Organization, registered as a society in 1980. GVS is involved in the Chowdepalli, Panjani, Punganur, Peddamandyam, Tamballapalle, Madanapalli and Ramasamudram mandals of Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh. GVS deals with socio-–economic deprivation in society and addresses the issues of food security and livelihood rights of rural communities. This group Joined CHETHANA network in 2014

Mr.Ch. Rambabu,

Address: Gram Vikas Samstha, # 16/619 – A – 2, Seshappa Thota, Near Kaveri Hospital, Madanapalle – 517325, Chittoor (Dist), Andhra Pradesh, India.
Tel:+91 8571 – 230183 | Mobile: +91 9963057444

Star Youth Association (SYA) is an NGO working for the development of poor and other marginalized people in general and particularly women, children and youth living in the rural parts of Kurnool & Anantapur districts of Andhra Pradesh. This group Joined CHETHANA network in 2014

Mr. S.C. Hassaian

Address: Star Youth Association (SYA), # 17-178-17/1, Beside Telephone Exchange, VELGODE(K) – 518533, Kurnool(Dt), Andhra Pradesh, India.
Mobile: +91 9440251572
Email: |
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Society for Sustainable Agriculture and Forest Ecology – SAFE, is a Non-Governmental Organization, registered under Societies Registration Act of Government of Andhra Pradesh, Founding members of the organization hail from an array of professional fields, possessing long association with Non-governmental initiatives. This group Joined CHETHANA network in 2014.

Dr. M. Madhukar Reddy

Address: Secretary & NGO Chief SAFE (Society for Sustainable Agriculture & Forest Ecology), Plot No.36, H.No.17-20/2, Dharmapuri Colony, Uppal, HYDERABAD – 39 Telangana, India.
Tel: +91 40 – 27151769 | Mobile: +91 93913 11554
Email: |

PARTNER Society (Peoples Activity and Rural Technology Nurturing Ecological Rejuvenation) is a non-profit organization working for the betterment of the rural poor, working for the benefit of downtrodden sections i.e.dalits, tribals and marginal farmers and other backwards sections, largely the under privileged sections of the society in resource poor areas. A group of well talented young people who had been serving in the voluntary sector for a number of years and had a number of successful credits in favor of them and with the felt need of professionals in the NGO sector came together and gradually evolved PARTNER with a mission to support the rural populations in resource poor regions Andhra and Rayalaseema areas of Andhra Pradesh.


SABALA addresses the socio-economic concerns related to gender justice and human rights of Dalit women, youth and children in 26 villages. They deal with Dalit land rights, small farmer’s empowerment through organic agricultural practices, empowerment of women through alternative economic initiatives and child welfare. SABALA joined Chethana in 2001.

Mrs. Radha Priyadarshini

Address: SABALA, H.No.21/219/22, Yemmiganur Cross, Bundemetta, Adoni – 518 301, Kurnool ( Dist ). Andhra Pradesh, India.
Mobile: 94405 03190

Collective Activities for rejuvenation of Village Arts and Environment (CARVE) is a Non-Governmental organization registered under Societies of registration Act of 1350 fasli in the year 1994 by a group of resource persons who are likeminded with the aim, to rejuvenate rural art, craft, culture and environment .The organization devoted to the cause of moral social and economic upliftment of rural artisans and farmers. It is also registered under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA). The organization is having income tax exemption under section 12A.


CAD is a voluntary social action group organized as the result of infringement of democratic rights during the National Emergency in 1977. CAD registered in 1988 under the Indian Societies Registration Act of 1860. CAD mobilizes landless agricultural laborers and smallholder farmers in 20 villages to campaign against human rights violations and socio-economic oppression. Issues addressed include land degradation, sustainable agriculture, agricultural policy, groundwater depletion, and privatization of agricultural land. CAD joined Chethana in 1996.

Mr. Siva Prakasam

Address: CAD, Thiraiyur Road, Aranarai Post-621 212, Perambaluru Taluk, Tamilnadu, India
Tel: +91 4328-220080