Ground Water issue at Pallapatti, Tamil Nadu

M. Muthusamy, Contact:

Due to Sirumalai water resource protection committee’s intervention, the bottling unit could not function now. The committee has taken so many actions to stop the unit as mentioned below.

(1) ECHO Trust and some other NGOs took an awareness campaign about the ground water and Agriculture Practices.
(2) The committee has met the District collector to stop the unit.
(3) The committee has insist the Local Panchayat not to give permission for the private water exploiting unit.
(4) During Grama shaba ( Village Council) , the decision was taken that not to permit that unit.

Now, the company is not functioning. But, another company called Macretha that is establishing for Mango preservation unit has taking water from the Bore well which is installed by the bottling unit. The Water Protection committee is taking this issues and fighting for Justice