Land Right Campaign and Reclaimed Land

Place Land Reclaimed Benefited families Land Under Litigations Partner Organisations
Chittor, Andhra Pradesh 36 acres of land in the name of Women 36 Dalit families 76 acres of land for 76 families NISARGA
Madanapalli, Andhrapradesh 50 acres of land 100 dalit families 50 acres of land of 100 families RDS
Keeranoor, Tamil Nadu 82 acres  of land titled in the name of 46 women 46 agricultural labours families Nill Manushi
Kowthalam, Andrapradesh 30 acres of land in the name of 15 women 15 dalit families 45 acres of land AARDIP
Bangarapet, Karnataka Nill Nill 69 acres of 35 families dalit land TREES
Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu 12.5 acres of Bhoomidan land of dalit ( common community  land) 198 families of 3 habitations*. 30 acres of Dc land in 3 district villages Arunthathiyar coordination forum
Muthiyalapadu, Andhra Pradesh 146 acres of Government scheme land in the name of dalit 96 Dalit families Nill Nill
Kanthampalayam, Tamil Nadu 4 acres of land 2 dalit families 125 acres of land RSWS
Chengara Nill Nill 5 Acres Humas
Kosagi, Andhra Pradesh 88 acres of land 88 dalit families Nill Nill
Perambalur Nill Nill 126 acres of dalit land for 88 families CAD
Total 448 acres of land 338 Individual families and 198 families in 3 habitations.