Promoting of sustainable and ecologically sound agricultural Practices

Development of Model farms, preservation of traditional seeds, production of organic manure and pest repellants, water conservation and water management systems have been undertaken by a few of the partners of Chethana and their knowledge and expertise is shared with the rest of the partners.

An expert advisory body has been constituted to advice the Chethana partners on the nature of campaign and the crucial issues facing farming and the farming community. In the context of rising costs of agricultural inputs and the low price of agricultural commodities, farmers unable to sustain themselves end up victims of money lenders. Land degradation, rising costs of agricultural inputs such as seeds, chemical fertilizers, pesticides and electricity, mono-cropping and cash cropping, depletion of water sources, cultivation of crops not suitable to the climatic conditions and lack of public loan facilities and subsidies militate against sound agricultural practices and the viability of farming as a means of living for the large majority of farmers. Many initiatives have been made to make farmers aware of these realities and adopt more sustainable organic alternatives.

Two regional consultations have been held to make the Chethana partner organizations and their constituencies aware of the agricultural crisis the country is facing and also of the various sustainable and organic alternatives available to farmers.

Of the Indian poor, 40% are landless agricultural laborers; 45% are small or marginal farmers. (60% of Indian farmers own less than an acre of land). In this context, Chethana facilitates co-operative, model farming initiatives using organic inputs and traditional seeds, suitable to rain fed or dry land cultivation. They also involve in the preservation of traditional varieties of seeds and crops that can not only ensure food security but also be an effective means of meeting people’s nutritional needs.

Each Chethana partner organization has also been encouraged to facilitate small and marginal farmers movements which would take up the cause sustainable and organic farming, influence the governmental decisions on loans and seeds and also campaign against corporatization of agriculture and retail industry. These movements are to be further consolidated and net worked so that their voice is heard loud and clear.

Movements Promoted by our partner organisations

  • “Kaveri Farmers Movement”- AIMSS
  • Organic farmers Association, Prambalur – CAD
  • Alternative agricultural association – CRESENT Trust
  • Agricultural labourers’ sanga – ECHO Trust
  • Organic farmers forum – Manushi
  • Agricultural women’s livelihood forum – Forword
  • Arunthathiar coordination forum Tamil Nadu
  • Bhoomi Geetham Dynamic action group – Navachethana
  • Bamboo Workers Union – HUMUS
  • Agricultural labourer’s movement – RSWS.
  • Jala Jana Vedika by BIRDS
  • Andhra preadesh Vivasyay Virthiyulu – Nisarga
  • Dalit Samayikka -AARDIP
  • Handloom weavers union – SJVS
  • Adimashakti (Indegenous Force)- TREES